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  1. One-piece, internal spring hinge fitting broader range of headwidths
  2. Anti-slip, adjustable, non-allergenic rubber nose pads
  3. Plano sunlenses in polycarbonate(PC), polarized PC and / or NXT Transition options
  4. Lightweight, flexible TR90 material
  5. Anti-slip, adjustable endtips with stainless steel core for personal adjustment


“Rx-able Clip-on” with adjustable stainless steel core double injected with nylon to prevent lens scratches. Inexpensive and versatile optical correction for consumer.


Interchangeable lens system, but with 6-base lens curve vs. most 8-base sport wrap in the market, i.e. more accommodative for direct Rx lenses and less expensive solution for consumer.

  • Most popular style for runners world wide
  • Most popular style for runners world wide
  • Maximum central and peripheral visual clarity
  • Wider range of corrective power accommodation
  • Interchangeable lens system with Rx adaptor
  • Optional Rx-able clip-on as economical solution
  • Super light weight (only 28.5g)

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