ASTM F803 – PROGEAR EYEGUARD meet ASTM F803, safety standard specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials in USA.  This standard covers most ball/stick sports including squash, tennis, basketball, badminton and handball, racquetball, paddleball and three levels of baseball (kids: 40 mph, youth: 55 mph and adult: 70 mph).  All of these standards involve performance tests using head forms with various balls being shot at different speeds and angles. For goggles to pass the tests, there cannot be any displacement of the lens from the frame, any displaced fragments or complete fracture of a frame or any touching of eye socket or face form.  ASTM rated frames typically are installed with 3mm thick plano polycarbonate lenses and when doing a prescription in them, you want to make sure that wherever you get lenses made, they are using at least 2mm thick polycarbonate(center thickness) and not 1mm standard polycarbonate.  This is why you may see price differences between us and other sites. The thicker, safer polycarbonate lenses are not stock lenses and must be custom ground for you.  Places using mass produced stock 1mm polycarbonate can obviously do it cheaper because they are using stock lenses and not custom making the lenses specifically for you.  Make sure if you are not using us to do prescription lenses that whomever you use is using 2mm(CT) polycarbonate when making the lenses for you.

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Sports Sustain Impact
Speed at (meter/sec)
Sustain Impact
Speed at (mph)
Volley Ball
40 90
40 90
18 (for age < 9)
25 (for age 9-14)
31 (for age > 14)

EN 166


EN 166 – All PROGEAR EYEGUARD sports goggles with plano glazing has been certified as protective eyewear in accordance with European protective eyewear standard EN166.



RUB – Schulsportbrillentest 2015 : rated best sports eyewear in German school system, 2015.

 JIS Japan


JIS – PROGEAR EYEGUARD meets highest Japan sport equipment safety standard.

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