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Vision Correction

Roughly 95% of our movements are controlled by vision. Those who can see well while playing sports will be able to react more quickly, move more confidently and will better appreciate situations therefore avoiding dangerous accidents. PROGEAR EYEGUARD sports goggles offers a wide field of vision and lenses can be custom fit with personal prescriptions.

(At PROGEAR VisionLAB INC, we only accept Rx prescribed by professional optometrists or eye doctors, valid within past 12 months.)

Sports Vision

Sports Vision is more than correcting your vision delivered by your normal dress eyewear. PROGEAR EYEGUARD have an ergonomic wrap headcurve to increase the amount of optical zone and peripheral vision for more responsive reaction during sports. We also move the lens center towards the ears and wrapped the frame around the head to protect your eyes from outside elements (dust, wind) or penetration by fingers from competing sportsmen.

Conventional lenses with Rx prescribed by your optometrist cannot be applied to PROGEAR EYEGUARD (with exception of low power range) due to this frame geometry changes. The asymmetry causes power error and astigmatism across the entire lens surface while the change in lens axis create dislocation of images, i.e. both create dizziness and eye fatique.

With our advanced mathematical model, a frame-specific correction is calculated to compensate your biological Rx data (Rx prescribed by the optometrist). We then digitally fabricate your lenses with these compensated data, matching precisely point by point onto the lens surface. The effective power on these digital lenses matches the intended power of your original prescription and gives you the crispiest vision. The finished PROGEAR EYEGUARD with your personalized prescription are shipped to you with 2 prescriptions for review : 1) the Rx prescribed by the doctor; 2) the Rx as it will read on a lensometer (lens power measuring machine).

Vision Enhancement

Different lens colors, lens technologies, and advanced lens coatings can further improve your vision during sports activities. High contrast, color and depth perception and visual clarity all contribute to enhance eye-hand coordination and your responsiveness to motion. Enhanced vision is the prerequisite to improved performance in sports.

Mirror coatings are effective add-on for high glare situations and cosmetic improvement of your PROGEAR EYEGUARD. They simply reflect away excessive glare when reaching lens surface. There are many colors of mirrors and degrees of density. A heavy mirror will block more light than a thin flash mirror that one can see a person’s eyes through.

AR (anti-reflective) coating added to the back surface of the lens reduces glare coming from behind and eliminates reflection of the wearer’s cheeks. Adding an AR coat to the front of a Transition lens will allow the lens to change more quickly by allowing more ultraviolet light to reach the surface of lens to activate color change. UV cannot penetrate through the entire thickness of lens but totally absorbed before reaching your eye.

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating shed away water drops and grease and reduces stain on lens. A great feature during sweaty sports and makes the cleaning of lenses easy.