A.  Interior side cushion to absorb impacts

B.  High viscosity polycarbonate lens with 3 mm center thickness in optical quality, hard coating and UV protection

C.  Expanded thermo-plastic rubber (TPR) nose pad (anti-allergenic) for additional protection

D.  V-shaped groove of impact (1.6 mm high towards the inside) for lens safety in the event of impact

E.  Rim lock barrel and screws made of high quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and make glazing easy

F.  Super tough polycarbonate frame for increased impact protection

G.  Removable neoprene band with washable Velcro fastener

H.  Anti-slip rubber insert in the earpiece

Build-in lockable spacer and pressure cavity (patented) allows easy lens insertion even with extra deep groove for supreme lens retention

Temple Series - Suitable for most sports
Strap Series - Also suitable for sports require to wear helmet. Examples: BMX, Skiing, Ice hockey, Football, Waterski or motorcycling