Performance Sports Sunglasses buying advices

Sunglasses are necessity for enjoying the summer sun and protection from its glare.  However they often lack the required lens features to support myopia to achieve both visual clarity and sun protection.  The emergence of myopia sunglasses have come to rescue, but what are the key points consumers should pay attention to?

[Wrap-around eyewear guide]
“What is the difference between wrap-around eyewear and general sunglasses?” People who are new to sports often raise similar question.  They often are mainly used by cyclists and runners to achieve outdoor requirement and stable fitting during their vigorous movement during their events.  It is mandatory to choose proper sports sunglasses base on these two criteria.

Requirement One >>> Frame Arc Design
The shape of the sports glasses should come with suitable wrap-around curvature to provide good wind shield at high speed and maintain comfort to the eyes.

Requirement Two>>> Ultraviolet (UV) protection
Eyes under the sun require same level of protection as you would normally apply sunblock to your skin.  Long exposure to UV will increase the risk of cataract and other retinopathy.  When selecting a sports glasses, consult your manufacturer to ensure UV protection.

Additional point One >>> Lens color
Colored lens reduce light intensity but different colors provide different effects: For example, Yellow lenses can increase the visual brightness and often adopted for for rainy days or low light environment use during training and tournament.  Land sports and water sports also make their use slightly different. List of different color lens and their visual effects are shown to provide a good reference.

Additional point Two >>> “lightweightness”
Most sports sunglasses are lightweight design to minimize movement of the eyewear from the runners or cyclists with is the main cause of visual fatigue.  For best nose bridge and face profile fitting, physical try on is essential.

This article from the face of the publication of  “Top players choices! Swimming. Cycling. Running, Ironman training  Equipment Visual Guide”運動眼鏡怎麼挑/

Additional points >>> can be equipped with myopia

Avoid the use of clip-on or contact lenses with sunglasses, choose prescription sports sunglasses would achieve better convenience and safety.