Tuen Mun Hospital Ophthalmology Deputy Counsel Dr. Li Delun said about 10% of sports related eye injuries require surgery, unfortunately 20%-30% of all eye injury patients are unable to fully recover their normal vision. It is recommended that anyone who suffer from serious impact should seek medical attention to avoid potential treatment delay. Anyone who practice high-risk exercise should always wear safety goggles. If you accidentally injured your eyes, avoid pressing them or rinse with water as it may worsen the damage.
Li pointed out with all the eye injury cases received by his hospital each year, mostly involved students or amateur players. On.cc east network news http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/news/20161119/bkn-20161119063016149-1119_00822_001.html
Achieving excellence in sports required dedication in training and effort. However, good vision is also absolutely indispensable.

Athletes must have acuity in eye sight, width of view and stereoscopic vision, especially in football, basketball and badminton and fast pace exercises. People with myopia will have to wear glasses to correct their vision. It is inevitabe to avoid injury during sport and if the injury were eye related, the damage could be permanent. Hence we should always protect our eyes during sports or exercises. Sports eye injuries are mostly due to impact, and it is best to avoid them with wearing suitable sport safety goggles.  http://www.polyu.edu.hk/so/patients.php?pageid=334&dispmode=1&lang=tc