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*Info. (For Eyeguard)
If your prescription falls within the range provided by Regular Lens, this will be your optimal selection. Otherwise, choose Premium Lens as your prescription needs thinner lens material to deliver the best effect. If you do not confirm your prescription, choose the cheaper Regular Lens option for the time being. Our in-house Optician will determine what’s best for you and will communicate with you for an upgrade charge if needed.
*Rx lens – Clear (Regular) = SPH (Total Power) +3.00 to -4.00 , CYL -0.25 to -2.00
*Rx lens – Clear (Premium) = SPH (Total Power) +4.00 to -9.00 , CYL -0.25 to -4.00

Temple XL Info

Please refer to www.progearvisionlab.com/size for guidance on detailed measurement

3 reviews for EYEGUARD TEMPLE Version

  1. Craig McGuire

    This is a high quality product

  2. Dr. KH Luk

    Accurate as what is ordered

  3. Karen Newberry

    My son has been using the Progear EyeGuard sports glasses for the last 4 years. He has really bad eyesight and loves many sports so the Progear Eyeguard has been wonderful for him. He uses them for Cricket, Soccer, Futsal, AFL and running. Because of these sports glasses, he has even been given the nickname “Terminator” by some opposing teams. His glasses are transitional so can be worn for a night indoor game or for outside in the full sun. I totally recommend these sports glasses and have recommended them many times over. People always ask about them. Even after someone stepping on them and putting them out of shape recently, I was able to gently bend them back into shape and he’s still wearing them. They are fantastic and we will only need to replace his frame next season as he needs a larger frame as he grows. The only thing I would change is a stronger case for them to go into and that is only because someone stepped on the glasses in the flexible case.

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The Progear Eyeguard lets you be safe and look cool. The perfect frame for just about any sport. Features include rubber nose pad, polycarbonate frame, anti-slip rubber ear piece, removable neoprene band, impact resistant lenses with your personal prescription.